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Questions about the usage of the option `'virtualedit'`. Virtual editing means that the cursor can be positioned where there is no actual character. This can be halfway into a tab or beyond the end of the line. Useful for selecting a rectangle in Visual mode and editing a table.

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Showing virtualedit status in lightline

I've got such mapping in my vimrc: nnoremap <Leader>ve :call <SID>Toggle_ve()<CR> fun! <SID>Toggle_ve() if &ve == '' set virtualedit=all elseif &...
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Cursor can sit in unreachable columns

Some recent plugin or Vim upgrade appears to have enabled a new feature: When moving up/down or clicking, the cursor can now rest anywhere in the window, including over character cells far to the ...
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Difference between `virtual column number` and `column number` in statusline

What's the difference between virtual column number and column number (%v and %c respectively) in the statusline? Is it like virtualedit, where the virtual column number counts the position of the ...
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Visual block insert into multiple areas with no text with virtualedit=all

When I do a visual block insert with virtualedit=all I want to insert into all selected lines regardless of what text is already in those lines. Instead the behavior I get is that the line where I ...
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