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To flag questions about features introduced with vim9 that are not vim9script questions

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Vim appimage can't run on Ubuntu 22.04

Vim has a official AppImage (cool). But I can't run it on Ubuntu 22.04. I suppose that some dependencies are lost. My problem is that I can't identify what exactly are. I see the terminal output when ...
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Block comment syntax colouring being lost while moving, but redraw will fix

I frequently use block comments to disable sections of terraform code using /* to start disabling and */ to complete. As expected, the code will turn "grey" and lose syntax highlights. ...
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Vim 9.0.1420 update: opening the same file twice without warning message is unfortunately now possible?

I observed that in the recent update for Vim, specifically vim 9.0.1420, it is now possible to create a text file, open it, and then open the same file through another terminal window without ...
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How to highlight all the columns of a window?

Consider the following snippet: vim9script var winid = win_getid() var winwidth = winwidth(winid) var range = [] for lnum in range(10, 20) add(range, [lnum, 0, winwidth(winid)]) endfor var m = ...
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Different behaviour after upgrade Vim from v7.4.326 to 9.0.813

I have 2 Linux servers (SLES 12.5): On the first server I have vim version 7.4.326, On the other vim version 9.0.813. If I open the same file on both servers, Vim behaves differently. On server with ...
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