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Try to build vim and test is stuck on "Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified"

I am trying to build vim from source and the build test is stuck with a message as follows: "Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified". This message appeared ...
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How can I test the script-local functions of my plugin?

I have the feeling that the answer is you can't, but I'd like to be sure about it. My plugin has some s:function-name functions, and one plugin-name#function-name function that uses the former ones. ...
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Vader for testing plugin that eases window navigation

Some time ago I wrote a plugin for easy window navigation, and now I was trying to write some test for it, using Vader, which I knew nothing about until a few hours ago. Basically, with my plugin ...
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vim-test :TestSuite return message Not a test file

It's a really simple setup. I'm actually following along with the modern vim book. (I've been using vim emulation on IDEs for years and want to fully dive in). Anyway, my project structure is: ...
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Unit Testing Vimscript built-ins: possible to override/mock or inject substitutes?

I found a bug in the CoC plugin, and I was going to fix the bug, but first I wanted to write some documentation/learning tests as well as a regression test. The question was how: unit testing does not ...
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