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Question about navigation in the undo history, undoing, and redoing changes

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Can I be notified when I'm undoing changes from the undofile?

I've been using the undofile feature in Vim for a while now. It's a very nice feature. However, one annoyance is that it's very easy to accidentally undo changes that I did the last time I opened the ...
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How can I use the undofile?

The last news item on talks about using the 'undofile' to save your history and undo changes even after a reboot: A feature I enjoy using myself is not known to many users, as I found out ...
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13 votes
4 answers

How can I safely undo changes that I may or may not have made?

Too often do I make the mistake of typing with the wrong window focused (and have done so a few times with a USB authenticator). In programs with lots of hotkeys enabled (Gmail, VLC, Vim), this often ...
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How to change undo granularity in Vim?

At some point my Vim would undo an entire word when I hit u. [i]typing some words[C-c][u] Would result in typing some However, the undo granularity seems to have changed to deleting one letter at ...
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How can I filter a buffer to an external command on save without causing any side effects?

Since importing a package and not using it in Go is a compilation error, fixing the import manually can be a bit of a pain while debugging, so I'm currently using this to fix it up automatically ...
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Console vim(x): Can I map the scroll wheel to undo--redo?

It's sort-of a follow to a recent XKCD. I want to know whether it's possible to map the scroll wheel to undo and redo, possibly n undos/redos per scroll? I'm using mate-terminal in MATE 1.6.x, bash, ...
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Undo in insert mode

Is there a command to undo the last operation performed while in insert mode? I just pasted text from the wrong register using <C-r>, and I have two options: Delete by hand what I just pasted ...
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How can I undo an entire command (e.g. d4b), including the motions?

Say I do d4b, then realize I only needed d3b. If I hit u, it'll only undo the d part, and I'll still be 4 words back as if I just did 4b. I'd like to end up exactly where I was before I executed d4b. ...
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Turn Vim's multiple undo history into git commits?

When refactoring I sometimes do too much at once—all little steps, but I forget to commit after each little change. Of course in many cases a commit after each change would be too much, but if each ...
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Why does Vim say "Already at newest change" despite a full "changes" history list?

I seem to be unable to undo something in a file I saved, despite that the history of changes shows up with I press :changes. So the change history is known to vim but I cannot access it? I thought it ...
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Undo <count> macro instances

Often I would record a macro and run it till end of file like 200@q. However, there may be a few lines/instances at the bottom I don't want to run the macro on (like 5 lines). Pressing u would undo ...
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Vim - edit last action before using (.)

Related to but not duplicate¹ of Bundling command sequences together for repeat (.). The point (.) command is really useful to redo the last action (insertion, replacement, etc.). Sometimes I find ...
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