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Questions tagged [thesaurus]

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2 votes
2 answers

Export Libreoffice Thesaurus to Vim compatible format with a macro?

It has been impossible for me to find an offline Spanish thesaurus in a format that worked in Vim. Libreoffice Spanish Thesaurus looks good, needs some conditional modifications and is 66000 lines ...
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What options does an italian speaker have to query synonyms on the internet?

I use thesaurus_query.vim, but Currently this plugin Supports only English (en), Chinese (cn), French (fr), Russian (ru) and German (de) thesaurus query I'm not sure if this simply means that the ...
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1 answer

autocompletion - How to add phrases as thesaurus synonyms

I have a thesaurus file which contains synonyms for the word iterate. I would like to add an alternative phrase for iterate like loop over so I added it to the thesaurus. Unfortunately, this doesn't ...
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2 votes
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Thesaurus file (or plugin for online thesaurus tools) for non-English languages

I found a lot of plugins (like this for example) and sources for English, but almost nothing for Russian (and other languages). Are there good source of thesaurus (or plugin for online tools) for non-...
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Vim has spellcheck; does it have thesaurus?

I found a plugin that makes web calls to provide a thesaurus, and I also found instructions to use thesaurus-files with Vim, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows if Vim comes with a thesaurus file? ...
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