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Questions tagged [tabbed-user-interface]

A tab page holds one or more windows. Questions about how to use and customize the behavior of Vim tabs.

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0 answers

:tabonly does not close all unmodified tabs if there is a modified tab in the way

Create some test files, touch a b c d and open each in a tab, vim -p a b c d Modify file b. Go to tab c and issue :tabonly. Expected behavior: a and d tabs are closed. b is not closed because it is ...
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How can I undo last command in command line?

In general, is there a way to UNDO the last "meta" command (I mean a command entered in command line to manage a window ), or some equivalent keystroke sequence ? Btw, I know the u (= undo) and CTRL-...
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3 votes
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How to keep lcd from affecting other windows?

I usually have one tab containing the code I am working on, and another containing vimwiki. I mostly use neovim. For the code I prefer the working directory sticking to the project root. For vimwiki ...
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Add a blank line between tabline and first line of text?

Screenshot of my vim: I want to add a line between my tabline and the first line of the text. How can I do that?
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0 answers

Autocmd commands for sharing terminal when open new tab

I was trying to create a trigger that does the following: When opening a new tab with a file, if there already exists a terminal buffer, it is opened below in this new tab. I have seen in logfiles ...
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How can I get my tabs to spread to the width of my window?

I can't see a number of the tabs at the top, even though there's space to show them all. How can I fix this?
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Mapping doesn't work for tabs

I have several files opened in tabs in Vim. I want to switch between tabs, so I use Ctrl+left to move left (previous) and for next also. But my mapping doesn't work. :map <C-Left> :tabprevious&...
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NERDTree window change during tab switch

Currently, when using NERDTree, I hit Ctrl-ww to navigate to my NERDTree window from my editing window. Then, I navigate to a file I want to open, and hit t to open it in a new tab. Now, when I want ...
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What do plugin-generated tab names mean?

I've long wondered if the cryptic tab names that some plugins generate have meaning. For example, fugitive's :Gstatus opens a new tab with the name f///h/r/g/r/.g//, and coc-fzf with g:...
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select font for tab headers in gvim

I wonder whether there is a way in gvim to select the font used for buffer names in tab headings (after using :tabnew). I know the guifont option, but this applies to the buffer editing area. ...
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