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How do I use a variable or return value in option, command, or mapping?

I have a variable foo with let foo='value', and a function F like function F() return 'value' endfunction and I want to use them in an option: :set option=foo, :set option=F(); or in a command: :...
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What is the difference between single and double quoted strings?

What is the difference between single and double quoted strings? Is there a way to get a variable expanded inside a string, or do they always need to be joined like: 'Hello, ' . s:name . '!'
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vimscript: how to repeat a string N times?

I know . operator concatenate strings. But how to repeat a string N times, similar to "abc" * 3 in python?
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What is the difference between <C-V>x and \x?

Run the following commands, where <80> is a literal byte entered by typing Ctrl-Vx80: let literal = "<80>" let quoted = "\x80" echo(literal) and echo(quoted) will now both output <80&...
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Reliably get the character at a byte index in a string

I'm doing some string processing in vimscript. I obtained a byte index for a character in the string and now want to obtain the character at that byte index. For single-byte charsets (like latin1) ...
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How can a character be inserted during an edit session by its Unicode numeric value?

I'm trying to set up a plugin to enable indentation guides, following an answer to this question. The plugin is Yggdroot/indentLine. It has instructions to set up a custom glyph to be shown instead of ...
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How to assign a Python list to a vim variable and escape its strings correctly

Here is a Python list that I'm trying to assign to some Vim variable. lines = ['"""Something foo\'s thing."""', '', 'foo = "asdfasdf" \\', 'bar'] command = 'let l:corrected_lines = {lines}'.format(...
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In Vim ex mode how to re-use a string from the default buffer in the command

I'm trying to modify this file, by extracting the very first line in the file and prepend it to each of the consecutive lines until end of the file black widow card Friday berry I used ex command (...
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