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st is a "simple terminal" from Use this for questions specific to running Vim in st.

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How to make neovim use the same colors as vim

I am trying to make neovim use the same coloring as vim. Currently neovim is getting its colors from my 8 bright colors I have set in my ST configuration. While vim uses the normal colors from my ...
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Vim not rendering text when moving up

I can move down until the last line of a file with no issues. However, when move up the text that was out of screen bounds does not render (as shown by the figure) until i press Ctrl + L to force ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Change Neovim cursor in insert mode under st (simple terminal) and tmux

My Neovim cursor normally switches to a pipe symbol (|) when I'm in st, but it doesn't when tmux is open in st. Is there something special to do? Version: Neovim: v0.5.0-dev Tmux: 2.9a My ...
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Can't set neovim colors to follow terminal colors in st terminal

I can't set neovim colors to follow terminal colors in st terminal. Here is a screenshot from the terminal: I have tried different configurations of set t_Co=256 and set termguicolors but all of them ...
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How to paste the clipboard selection when it was populated with a yank in Vim started from the st terminal?

If I yank some text in the clipboard selection from Vim (e.g. "+yiw), then quit Vim, I can't paste it in st. Here's a MWE: $ git clone $ cd st $ make $ ./st $ echo foo | ...
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neovim doesn't change cursor in st terminal

I have recently started using st. But nvim doesn't change cursor shape like that in gnome-terminal or xfce4-terminal in this terminal. What's more confusing is that it works fine in tmux inside st! I ...
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