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Questions tagged [spell-checking]

A feature that identifies and highlights misspelled words, and lets you choose among possible correct replacements.

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Count only words for which Spell is enabled?

I want to count the words in my buffers, but for TeX files, for instance, a lot of words (e.g., commands) shouldn't be counted. I'm aware that there are scripts that do this specifically for LaTeX, ...
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Spellcheck only a part of a word

(There might be an XY problem in the title, I let you judge.) The default dictionary for French sets the (ASCII) hyphen - to be a word character, which is the right thing to do. The issue is that ...
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How are the french spl files produced? Can they be updated?

Is there any information on how the french spl files are produced? I notice there is a sug file that downloads via netrw but this does not seem to be available at:
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Disable spell check for single character words

I haven't found a way to disable spell checking for single character "words", like when you type 100k (k as in thousand) and it gets highlighted as a mistake. I already tried this: syn match ...
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Vim is taking a really long time to open spelling suggestions

I have recently reinstalled vim and I noticed that the Spell checking is working very slowly. Whenever I do a z= on an incorrectly spelled word, Vim takes a good 4-5 seconds to show the spelling ...
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How to use syntax rules to disable spell checking certain regions?

Vim has a built in capability to spell check files (see :help spell). This spell checking is syntax aware (see :help syn-spell). Unfortunately, I have no experience writing syntax rules for ...
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How to disable spell check for a single line (with a custom tag)

Sometimes I do not want to add words to a spellfile, but still ignore them this once. This is particularly prevalent when I write markdown. It would be nice if I could tag a line with <!-- nospell -...
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Add global spell ignore words

I'm editing a wiki and it uses atleast two languages. Vim has no problem, as it allows multiple languages in spellcheck. Problem is, some wiki templates, and html-like mediawiki tags are often words ...
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How to disable American spellchecking in vim, and switch purely to British?

I tried :set spell spelllang=en_gb in my vim, but I noticed that summarization is not highlighted as incorrect. Shouldn't it be wrong? How to fix this problem?
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Make spell check recognize Swedish compound words

In Swedish, you make compound words by just adding words together right after each other without a space in between as in English. You can make almost any combination, e.g. "staff matters" is "...
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LaTeX tabu package breaks Vim spell and syntax highlighting

The first line of this section of LaTeX code breaks syntax highlighting and spell check whenever I scroll to the area of the document that contains it: \begin{tabu} {*3{X[l$]}} col1 & col2 ...
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Autocorrect spelling mistakes using Google?

I found an automation script written in AutoHotKey very inspiring. It relies on the search result from Google to correct the wrongly spelled words. The script: ; Ctrl+Alt+c autocorrect selected text ...
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Highlight all words that appear in particular spellfiles, differently

I have a document with several custom words. To spell check these, I have sorted words into multiple word lists written in the "straight word list" format (detailed at spell-wordlist-format ...
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Vim spellcheck does not highlight/select misspelt text which is emphasized or strongly emphasized in Markdown

I have noticed that vim spellcheck does not highlight/select text which is emphasized (i.e., italicized) or strongly emphasized (i.e., bold) in markdown. For example, The wuick brown fox jumps over ...
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How to exclude git commit hash (7-char long hex string) from spelling?

I use neovim as editor for git. Especially when rebasing it is hard to focus on the important things because the spell check highlights the commit hashes. Therefore I'm trying to exclude the 7-char ...'s user avatar
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XML syntax folding and custom tag spell checking

I have the following in my ~/vim/syntax/xrc.vim to spell check contents of specific tags when editing XRC files that are just XML files with predefined schema: runtime syntax/xml.vim " check ...
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Cannot remove spelling error highlight from lowercase "vim"

The word "vim" is flagged as a spelling error in my documents. If I capitalize it, the error goes away. I don't want to capitalize "vim". Adding it to dictionary with zG or zg does not help. UPDATE ...
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Ignore acronyms as spelling errors in TeX files

My LaTeX files contain lots of acronyms and they are often highlighted as spelling errors. I tried to ignore acronyms by adding syn match AcronymNoSpell '\<\(\u\|\d\)\{3,}s\?\>' contains=@...
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Spell checking beginning of phrase capital letters

How can I change vim's spell checking, so that it does not mark words with capital letters, which were previously unknown to vim, but were added to a custom dictionary in lower case form, at the ...
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Spellcheck dictionary entries from custom (fake) regions

In my ~/.vim/spell/en.utf-8.add file, I've been adding fake language regions (like en_0l) to account for my various interests without muddying them across spaces. Atop this file, I have a line like /...
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Neovim: override Treesitter spelling settings

I'm coding in Neovim in a programming language that gets highlighting from Treesitter. This means the regions that are spellchecked are also controlled by Treesitter. I want to have more than just ...
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How to change spelllang alias in vim-airline (option `vim.g.airline_detect_spelllang = 1`)?

I have enabled the vim.g.airline_detect_spell = 1 and vim.g.airline_detect_spelllang = 1 options (config is written in Lua and can be found here). The vim.g.airline_detect_spelllang = 1 makes the vim-...
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Neovim diffrent behaviour than vim on spelling sugestion

First thing first I am writing a foreign language with a different keyboard(greek-english). I was trying some spell checking features of vim and neovim and I noticed that neovim might have a bug. At ...
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Spell check highlighting in gruvbox disappears on scroll

When I open vim initially misspelled words are highlighted but as soon as I scroll they become unhighlighted. I have gruvbox color scheme. My vimrc looks like this """"""...
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Ignore spell check for LaTeX commands with multiple arguments

I have read through a lot of the posts on spell checking LaTeX syntax - here, here, and here. I am sure the problem is my lack of regex understanding, but I am having trouble configuring it so that ...
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Spelling mistake regex

I have a large text file of an OCR'd book where many words have been broken and hyphenated at the end of a line. Eg. In his newest book of language ex- ploration, Professor Asimov ranges over I can ...
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Vulgarities in the vim Default Dictionary

I use Vim to write LaTeX, in particular professional, academic papers. I rely on the default vim dictionary (in /usr/local/share/vim/vim81/spell/en.utf-8.spl). I recently noticed a vulgarity (...
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