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Know where there is no more space on pandoc beamer presentation

I write my presentations in Markdown, and use pandoc to compile into a PDF with latex's beamer. An issue I frequently encounter is that I write too much, and so the content gets out of the slide. Here ...
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How to show the current statusline definition?

I want to see the current statusline definition/string as loaded by Vim. So, taking into account :help statusline, if it is the default, the output would be empty, but if ruler is set (and nothing ...
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Statusline vs Rulerformat - What is the Difference?

What is the purpose of the ruler? I have recently learned about the statusline and the rulerformat, and was wondering what the difference between them is. Why does the ruler exist? Why can't you only ...
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Ruler display in VIM is misbehaving inside GNU Screen

As I scroll through a .c file in VIM inside GNU screen, using 'down' arrow, the ruler display is misbehaving as you can see in the attached image. This doesn't happen if I press 'page down' key. This ...
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How to change the color of the vim ruler?

was hoping someone could help me in changing the color of the ruler in vim? Specifically, the opacity as I'm trying to make it match the rest of my vim opacity, but can't seem to pinpoint where ...
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1 answer

How to show the currents char code in ruler

I want the ruler made to show the current characters code. This code differs from encoding to encoding. This is because I have to handle different file comming from users. Some from Unix/Linux, most ...
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1 answer

Set ruler does nothing

I would like to use the setruler option in order to know which line number and column my cursor is on. I have tried typing the command manually by typing :set ruler and also adding set ruler to my ~/....
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1 answer

How to show ruler always in the last line instead of statusline?

From h:ruler: If a window has a status line, the ruler is shown there. Otherwise, it is shown in the last line of the screen. How to instead show it only in the last line for the currently active ...
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Remove right text (line numbers , ALL) in command line

I am using neovim and i want to remove the indicated text (0,0-1 ALL).
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1 answer

Default rulerformat

I like the default rulerformat, but I would like to add to it. However it seems the default value is hidden. If I try these: set rulerformat set rulerformat? I just get: rulerformat= Same for ...
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0 answers

rulerformat truncated when filename included

Given the limited screen real estate on my device (27x48), I'm trying set laststatus=1 set rulerformat=%25(%<%f%M\ %=%l\|%c%) No matter the minwid prefix, or if I apply it to %() or %f, or if I ...
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3 votes
0 answers

How to set rulerformat to align left and full width in vim?

I use ruler format like this, set rulerformat=%36(%5l,%-6(%c%V%)\ %f%)%* However, if the filename gets too long, it will be broken. So I like to align left, but It can't be align like statusline %=. ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to set ruler with decimals in .vimrc file?

I have this line in .vimrc file set ruler which shows the percentage of current line. But for very large text files, it would just show 0% for first couple hundreds of lines, which is not quite ...
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1 answer

Isolate a matched virtual column ruler to the cursorline only?

I'd like to add ruler marks/virtual columns along the lines of matchadd('ColorColumn', '\%81v', 100) while restricting their display to the cursorline. Any ideas ?
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2 answers

How to display file size in vim rulerformat?

I want to display file size in the rulerformat in vim. Please answer for all file size formats like bits, bytes, kibibytes, mebibytes, gibibytes
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