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Strange error when closing Vim

I'm victim of a witchcraft. Likely my own. There's no Vim session open, based on the empty output of pidof vim and can open a new or existing file just fine. When I quit it with :q, however, I see to ...
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How can I stop Vim from quitting when the last buffer is a `:help` buffer?

I think there is an option that governs this behavior, but I cannot find it.
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Can't use `:wqa` with open terminal buffers

I have next problem: When I use :term buffers the :wqa command produces error: Which is quite expected because terminal buffers isn't writable. BUT the :wa and :q separatly work. This is strange. To ...
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Why do `wq!` and `q!` causing "E855 Autocommands caused command to abort" on any Python files?

Executing :q! and :wq! (of course :x as well) on any Python files causing "E855: Autocommands caused command to abort". However, :qa , :wqa (and of course :xa as well) don't caused the same ...
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Detect how vim was quit in autocommand

I have an autocommand on ExitPre like this: autocmd ExitPre * call PromptSaveSession() I'd like to avoid prompting to save the session if vim was forcefully exited, e.g. ':q!' or ':qa!'. Is there a ...
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