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Questions about the usage of quickfix commands and quickfix windows.

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How do I make list of search results editable?

There are several times, I need to grep for some_pattern in some XHTML files (many a time, file count in a specified folder goes beyond 10K+). Previously, I have used Lugaru's Epsilon Programmer's ...
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How to automatically set wrapping for quickfix window?

I'm using Dispatch.vim, and often when there's a test error, some lines in the quickfix list are really long. I don't use soft wrapping for my code, so quickfix also isn't wrapped. Is it possible to ...
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Make cnext and cprevious loop back to the begining

If I run :cnext when I'm already at the end of the quickfix list I get the error message E553: No more items and nothing happens. Instead of this, when I enter :cnext at the end of the list, I would ...
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How to map Enter to custom command EXCEPT in quick fix?

I've remapped <cr> (enter) to za so I can quickly open/close folds. However, now when I use the quickfix window and hit enter it no longer jumps to the line with the error (because it's trying ...
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load quickfixlist into a specific window

I'm not interested in loading an item into a specific window. I'm interested in opening/loading quickfix list into a specific window/pane. Searched online everywhere, but couldn't find it. Does anyone ...
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Quickfix support for Python tracebacks

Say I have a python script with a runtime error: $ cat #! /usr/bin/env python3 a = 1/0 which gives: $ python3 Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line ...
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How do I have buffers listed in a quickfix window in Vim?

Using vim editor, a common task is to browse buffers. I now use standard commands like :ls or a :bnext. In fact I set in my .vimrc: "move amongs buffers with CTRL map <C-J> :bnext<CR> map ...
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2 answers

How to auto fix common linting errors reported via syntastic?

I started using syntastic plugin with vim to report lint errors in my javascript code. I also integrated eslint with syntastic, and it shows me nice errors, warnings in case they are present as per ...
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How to capture errors from make in terminal window

Vim 8.1's release note seems to indicate that you can feed output from make running in a terminal window to a quickfix list, but I couldn't find any detailed explanation. Is there a way to do this ...
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2 answers

autocmd with quickfix window

How can set BufEnter or WinEnter autocmds for entering quickfix window? I tried autocmd WinEnter quickfix echo 'winenter' autocmd BufEnter quickfix echo 'bufenter' None of them works. I doubt that ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to align the results in the quickfix list in columns

Currently, when I view the quickfix list with :cw, the columns/pipes are not aligned, as in this example: I wonder if there is an option in vim or a plugin to rearrange the pipes so that they align ...
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1 answer

How to redirect the output of a command as the quickfix list to a vim server / function?

When I click on a link in thunderbird and firefox is already running, it doesn't open a new window, just a new tab. I want the same thing for vim: no matter where I am and how I send a bunch of files ...
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Quickfix with makeprg running in a different directory

How can I start a build with my makeprg running in a different directory than the working directory of vim and still catch errors in quickfix so that I can jump between them? The problem is that ...
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Using global command on Quickfix entries [duplicate]

I find and replace a pattern in all the files in my project (which is a big one). After the search is done, quickfix window is opened with the matches. The matches are in different files in different ...
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How do I run Cakephp's tests (PHPUnit) and output it to QuickRun or other window?

Is there a way to run tests of the current opened file and get output in other window like vim-QuickRun does? Right now I'm running tests by the command in command line: /vagrant/my_project/app/...
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function: sort output alphabetically

This function outputs data between braces as joined lines in a quickfix window. The output is sorted based on line numbers. I'm searching for a method to sort the data alphabetically. I tried to ...
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vimtex-compiler-ss does not open quickfix

Due to my muscle memory(aquired from vim-latex and other code compilation, so <F10> is universal compiler for me), I prefer singleshot calculation. I do have given a shot to \ll and then just ...
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Translate file paths in quickfix list

I'm using msys + vim + ninja + MSVC on windows. When building, the quickfix list has errors that use the windows path, ie c:\work\folder\file.cpp Vim handles it ok-ish, it can open the files, but ...
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