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Questions about the usage of quickfix commands and quickfix windows.

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How can I display multiple lines in the same compiler error when using :cn?

I am using Vim for Rust development. I have a custom error format that works very well, except that newline characters in error messages are suppressed when scrolling through errors with :cn. This ...
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How to normalize a file path opened from the quickfix window?

Setup I am using NeoVim v0.7.2 (also tested with v0.6.1) on Windows 10 in git-bash, with vim-dispatch to allow for asynchronous builds (building a C++ codebase with Clang). I have this option in my ...
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Split instead of showing errors when opening file from quickfix

Is it possible to get behaviour like switchbuf=split, but only on error? I don't want tons of windows that comes with using switchbuf=split, but I don't want to see errors like "E37: No write ...
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How to search the output of vim command line commands like `:ls`, `:browse oldfiles`

Back from emacs recently, in emacs I can list all the existing buffers in a emacs buffer, where I can do search, delete or jumping etc. In Vim, if I type :browse oldfiles, a long list may be returned ...
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Quickfix go to next error of specific type

I am starting to use quickfix to handle my latex compilation process. I found the vim-latex package ( but I am only interested in the quickfix part, and I want ...
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How to synchronize between NORMAL and Quickfix window?

:vimgrep can list search result in the Quickfix window. :cn can jump to next matching and NORMAL window is also updated. If switch to NORMAL window and n, it will jump to next matching place, but ...
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Open quickfix in current vertical split

I usually use a layout of one vertical split and two different buffers. When i use :copen, the quickfix window always opens in the right split, regardless where my cursor is. Consequently, if my ...
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Remove full path from quickfix list when using vimgrep

I use VIM 7.4. When I want to search some text in my project, i use following command: :vimgrep /pattern/j *.c *.h Then I use :cw command to open quickfix list for getting search results. Here is my ...
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How can I make 'lnext' run 'lfirst' if it needs to be?

I use ALE for finding syntax errors in code in vim, which populates the loclist with any errors found. However, when I first open a file with errors, which populates that list (I have g:...
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How to escape filename for the quickfix list?

Let's say you have a filename containing a tab. $ echo stuff > foo$'\t'bar Inside Vim you want to add that file to the quickfix list. By way of context, if you use a single-quoted string, a.k.a ...
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vimtex-compiler-ss does not open quickfix

Due to my muscle memory(aquired from vim-latex and other code compilation, so <F10> is universal compiler for me), I prefer singleshot calculation. I do have given a shot to \ll and then just ...
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Quickfix mode with path transformation

I have a build log file from compiling a project with Visual Studio on a Windows machine, and would like to use quickfix mode to jump to the errors and warnings in that logfile. The logfile is read ...
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Add conceal in function

Trying to maintain add conceals to the generated location list, but I can not figure it out. The current workaround is to add it manually everytime through the vim commandline, like: : set ...
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How to write to a temproary buffer in a plugin

I've started to write my first vim plugin, a simple timer. I want to be able to set a timer for an arbitrary amount of time, and have it notify me once that time has passed. I've got it all working, ...
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Quickfix list displays each line of log file

I'm trying vimtex. Probably I haven't read the docs well enough, but in my system (linux ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS, gvim 7.4) the quickfix list is populated with every single line of the log file when ...
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How do I remove duplicate quickfix messages?

I have a rather annoying case of duplicate messages being displayed whenever I go put my cursor on a line. Whenever my cursor lands on the line, a message like [Error]not found: type Playfield is ...
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How to keep results of grep open while saving?

When I get the results of a search (whether via :cw or the Ack.vim plugin), it goes into the quickfix window. I then open the file by hitting enter, make changes, and save the file. The quickfix ...
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Correct way to add "context" attribute to an existing quickfix list

Recent versions of Vim provide each quickfix list with a unique id and allow you to set an arbitrary "context" attribute on the list. I'd like to set the "context" on an existing quickfix list. This ...
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Creating QuickFixed file to apply QuickFixes via diff

TL;DR I have macros in each %m captured by errorformat after :make. I'd like to have a copy of the file in another split and apply all the macros (so to have a fixed file) and then do a :windo ...
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Can't hide quickfix before executing makeprg

I'm trying to hide the quickfix window while building, so that it doesn't show outdated info. I can, of course, execute :ccl at any time to close quickfix. Additionally, I've used autocmd to call a ...
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Why the result file of cscope found in quickfix window can't be showed in file explorer?

When I configured cscope in vim, I have installed some plugins such as Minibufexplorer, but I found that when I use cs find s, the result could be showed in the quickfix, and none of the option file ...
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How to show and use Quick actions/Context action in Neovim?

JetBrains IDEs and VSCode have this feature where they show some actions that you can do to handle a warning like in the pictures below. PyCharm's Context action: VSCode's Quick fix In Neovim, it ...
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FZF-Vim with ripgrep: load results into quickfix list?

I used to use the vim-ripgrep plugin to integrate with ripgrep (:Rg), which would load the results from rg into a quickfix list, so I could go back and forward over them with [q and ]q. Now I use the ...
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Entering command-line window from quickfix window opened by YCM results in inconsistent Vim state

I think I'm supposed to file a bug report, however I'm not sure if for Vim or for YCM, so I'm asking this question to better understand what is really happening. YCM has the :YcmCompleter ...
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