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Run pyright in single file mode and some questions

I have pyright set up as an lsp in neovim and my configuration is like this: lspconfig.pyright.setup({ on_attach = on_attach, capabilities = capabilities, root_dir = function(fname) local ...
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Pyright LSP, leading spaces appears as " " in hover

I am using pyright LSP with the neovim (0.10.0-dev), and am seeing any leading spaces in docstrings replaced by  . For example, see the attached image: As far as I can tell it seems very ...
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How to have automatic function parameter hint popup in NeoVim ( LunarVim ) with pyright LSP?

Greetings NeoVim version: NVIM v0.9.5. I have recently installed NeoVim, with LunarVim configuration on top. My LSP is Pyright. Everything about the LSP and configuration is great, but everytime I'...
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How to use coc-jedi to help coc-pyright jump to pytest fixture definitions?

I really enjoy coc-pyright and use it all the time for everything. But it can't jump to Pytest fixture definitions, and there are no plans to include such a feature. Pyright doesn't include any ...
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Is there an autocmd event that triggers when a command becomes available?

I'm using nvim-lsp and pyright. That latter provides a command PyrightSetPythonPath to reset the path to the python interpreter. Since I can see no other way to perform the same task, I'd like to call ...
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Python formatter stop working in Neovim [closed]

No errors are being thrown for the code with a lot of issues. I have tried black, ruff but nothing works. I have also tried reinstalling with mason. I have disabled diagnostics for the lsp (pyright) ...
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How to add specific module in ways that lspconfig can recognise it?

I have a project that is structured something like this --project_name |- bin/ |- some_module |- |- |- ... |- .vscode/launch.json import sys from some_module....
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