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nvim-lspconfig omnifunc opens preview window

Having configured nvim-lspconfig exactly as officially recommended, I want to use the completion functionality via omnifunc. When pressing <C-X><C-O>, a drop down window appears right ...
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Remove/hide control characters in the vim-fireplace preview window

When the vim-fireplace plugin prints an error stack into the preview window, it includes a bunch of control characters. Example: I tried set nolist but it had no effect. Does anyone know how to get ...
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How can I overlap windows, use non-rectangular windows, or dock a window in the corner?

I'm working on a text file (my notes/todo document), and I want to have the to-do list part of the document open in one Vim window (to check things off), with another to look at the rest of the ...
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How to open folds in a pedit-preview popup window?

I'm displaying a file contents by using :pedit …the-file-path…, to then call popup_setoptions(…the-ID…,#{firstline:anumber}) in order to scroll the popup and highlight/show the desired part of the ...
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How to populate the preview window?

I need to show a 'prompt' in the preview window when the user makes a selection of an item in a popup window, which is similar to the way the tern-for-vim completion plugin does in Javascript files, ...
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How to explicitly open the signature preview window when not completing?

When using <c-x><c-o>, vim opens a signature preview window which is different from the one opened when using :ptag. How to open that one when not completing like when reviewing in ...
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How to create Preview window to display a string?

I'm using a LSP plugin to call a command from the server, and currently it is logging the data using echom. My current code is like this: function! PtypeCallback(result) echom json_encode(a:...
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Enable cursorline only in preview window?

How can I enable 'cursorline' in the preview window? I use :ptag to show the preview and like that it shows several lines, but for short functions or member lists it's hard to see the line containing ...
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