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Visualizing a document that would be generated from source code that is being edited

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Live preview the result of running a :substitute command in a :global command in neovim

Assuming the following text foo bar pattern needle pattern needle I can enter the following command :g+pattern+s/needle/replacement to replace all the needles in lines that contain pattern. With ...
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Is it possible to render just math equations in real time?

I have been using neovim to write LaTeX/Markdown for a while and it brings really great experience. Since I usually write equations, I'm wondering is there any plugin to render and just render math in ...
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How to preview Markdown in a Vim buffer?

I'm aware of some of the Markdown plugins for Vim, but I want the functionality VS Code and Atom provide, namely being able to split the editor screen and render a live Markdown preview in an adjacent ...
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Is there a way to preview the line where the corresponding open bracket is for a close bracket?

If I am using IntelliJ and I hover over a close bracket for a scope that starts somewhere that is not currently visible, it shows a popup at the top of the window previewing the line where with the ...
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Show external command output in preview window

Lets say I have the following cmake file (with | being the cursor). cmake_minimum_required(3.2) project(myapp) add_exe|cutable(myapp main.cpp) Now if I go to terminal and consult cmake documentation ...
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A fixed position for preview windows

Is it possible to setup vim to open all preview windows on a specific location. I want them to open on the right side.
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How to get a preview for the substitution command?

Quite often I find myself in need of performing a substitution that will have matches sparsed all over a large file and with non-trivial search and replacement expressions. For example, say I have ...
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Plugin enabling live previewing of the colour schemes

I am a vim newbie and some time ago I installed a plugin that enables previewing color schemes by repeatedly pressing a key. It is not the colorscheme command which lists the schemes and switches to ...
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Is it possible to have Vim displaying the list of available marks when using marks?

That is, when you hit the marks operator key ` or ' you get a list of the available marks - i.e. the list Vim gives from the ex command :marks. Then, when you press a letter to jump to the mark, you ...
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Compiling whole LaTeX projects

I am looking for a way to easily compile whole latex projects, based in several files through the following set of folders: . |- MyProjectsMainFile.tex |- img/ | |- image1.png | |- image2.jpg | `- ...
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How can I manually invoke the function signature preview?

If I am coding in PHP and I type out a PHP built-in function (e.g. explode()) vims standard omni-complete would normally provide a function signature in a preview window. I recently installed a ...
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PDF viewer syncing

The Mac latex editor 'TeXShop' has a great feature -- I can right-click anywhere in my tex and it shows me the corresponding character of the generated PDF. Similarly I can click on PDF and jump to ...
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