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Detect when a custom GUI popup menu is visible

I wrote this function to popup a simple menu with each opened buffer as entry: function! PopupBufferList() let menuName = "BuffersList" silent! exec ":aunmenu ".menuName ...
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How can I create a popup at a given buffer line and column when the wrap option is set?

When you do popup_create({whatever}, #{ line: m, col: n}), m and n are meant to be screen column numbers, as per :help popup_create-arguments. But what if I want to position the popup at a specific ...
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How to load method definition in a popup?

This is a followup to this question, where I would like to load the method definition in a pop-up rather than a split screen (or the whole screen for that matter). Attempt 1: using nui.vim I’m using ...
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How to pre-render a terminal buffer before displaying it in a popup

I am currently trying to write my first plugin. So this is my first attempt at vimscript. I want to display the output of a shell command in a popup window. This can easily achieved with: command Cat ...
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How to automatically close a terminal popup window if a python script run in it didn't return any error?

I am wondering if there is a way to automatically close a popup window running a terminal if the execution of the last program didn't report any error and to keep it open if the execution of the last ...
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Popup when writing in insert mode part of a string that has been bound to something else

I recently switched from vim to neovim. I have been struggling with the behaviour of neovim while editing which is at times different from that of vim. I have the following keybinding vim.keymap.set(&...
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Popup to show number of matches of a given string while in insert mode, and while completion popup is being shown

This is a follow up to a previous question. Thanks to that, I could come up with this augroup: augroup Foo autocmd! autocmd TextChangedI,TextChangedP * call <SID>foo() fun s:foo() let ...
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How to get syntax group name of a floating window

I would like to change the font from bold to normal in my floating windows in Vim 8.* I have this script here that gets the syntax group name of the item under cursor. However, this will not work for ...
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