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What are the new "popup windows" in Vim 8.2?

The latest version of Vim, 8.2, has a new feature called "popups" or "popup windows". They sound interesting but I'm not quite sure what they're good for. Can you enlighten me...preferably with some ...
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How to load method definition in a popup?

This is a followup to this question, where I would like to load the method definition in a pop-up rather than a split screen (or the whole screen for that matter). Attempt 1: using nui.vim I’m using ...
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Popup to show number of matches of a given string while in insert mode, and while completion popup is being shown

This is a follow up to a previous question. Thanks to that, I could come up with this augroup: augroup Foo autocmd! autocmd TextChangedI,TextChangedP * call <SID>foo() fun s:foo() let ...
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