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2 answers

Gvim Python loading issue (despite being correctly installed)

I found a lot of questions about it, some problem was about 32 or 64 bit, other was about python support compiled in vim, etc. None was my case. Preamble: Software installed I installed Python on ...
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1 answer

"Error detected while processing TextChangedI Autocommands for "<buffer=4>":" ParInfer Neovim [closed]

I'm setting up parinfer plugin for lisp development in neovim. I've installed neovim plugin using below code - use 'gpanders/nvim-parinfer' And I've also setup below configuration -- parinfer options ...
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Vim editor entities tagging/annotation tool

I'm looking for a word/sentence annotation tool/plugin to be used INSIDE vim editor. Specifically I'm looking for a cli tool NER (named entity) tagging. Any idea/suggestion/tip? By example, I would ...
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