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The zip plugin allows you to display and edit the contents of a .zip file when you open it with Vim. It is shipped (& enabled) with Vim by default.

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How do I add a text file to a pre-existing zip

I want to add a text file to a zip file using vim. I want to either add the file to my zip from local drive or create the file in the zip using vim.
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Zip plugin is not capable of showing internal files content after upgrade

vim --version VIM - Vi IMproved 8.2 (2019 Dec 12, compiled Oct 21 2021 10:39:53) macOS version - x86_64 Included patches: 1-3550 Compiled by Homebrew Huge version without GUI. ...
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How do I configure vim to unzip files with 7zip?

In an answer to this particular question, it's said that it's enough to have unzip installed and available to make vim able to unzip files on the fly. However, I'm wondering if there's a way to ...
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Archive files opened with Vim are unreadable, even with zip plugins installed

I am trying to open archive files in Vim (zip files, jar files), but they are unreadable when opened. For example, I created a zip file with one file in it: $ touch testfile.txt $ zip ...
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Auto-read .egg zip archive

Vim can read / write a gzipped file like this which is great but it only works with gunzip, because it can read from stdin. Apparently zip files have a directory listing at the end of the archive ...
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How to tell Vim not to try to unzip a file?

I'm trying to open an .xlsx file in Vim, but got an error saying: ***error*** (zip#Browse) unzip not available on your system I know it's a binary file, but I want to do some checksums and probably ...
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