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For questions about the YouCompleteMe plugin. This plugin is an alternative completion engine for Vim.

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How do I complete Python3 with YouCompleteMe?

I'm using YouCompleteMe to do omni complete. Most of these are fine. But when I want to complete Python3, there is something wrong. It only can complete python2. For example, import urllib # ...
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Can I use Ag in combination with YouCompleteMe for tag autocompletion? [closed]

I have setup vim to use Ag for grepping and for use in the CtrlP plugin. For tag autocompletion, I am using YouCompleteMe. To get autocompletion suggestions for functions throughout the whole project,...
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gvim on windows - compiled ycm plugin now crashing on start

I installed the YouCompleteMe(YCM) plugin and compiled it using the provided instructions, one after the other for all options excluding rust. Below is a reproduction of the commands I ran, the reason ...
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Installation of YouCompleteMe

I have been trying to install YouCompleteMe for a long time. At first, I failed because I need to build Vim having python support. Now I have it solved, but I always fail at building YouCompleteMe ...
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vim youcompleteme not working

Currently i'm working on Node.js and I wanted some additional plugins which can help me learning this new technology. I installed tern_for_js and YouCompleteMe from Vundle. I also compiled YCM, but I ...
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Adding ctags for a 3rd party library

I would like to know how to generate ctags and find them with auto-complete plugins for new libraries that I install in order to 1) auto-complete for 3rd party library namespaces, classes, etc. and 2) ...
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Why doesn't YouCompleteMe complete function paramters?

I'd like to use YouCompleteMe with C++ semantic completion, but after hours of trying, I can't find why it doesn't work as expected. Everything seems to be working but I can't complete function ...
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What's the correct way to install YouComplete using vim-plug in vim/nvim?

The only documentation for installing YCM seems to be for Vundle and I'm fairly new to vim-plug and plugins in general so I'm not sure how well it translates to vim-plug.
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Autocomplete popup menu with autoindent and hard wrap in insert mode

I have set autoindent and set tw=90 and set fo=t. Additionally I have working autocompletion that means when I type one character a popup menu come in. Because of popup menu in some situations, where ...
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Re-activation of vim-youcompleteme

I recently had an 'rm -rf' related mishap in my home directory ( Ubuntu 14.04 installation ). Vim ( v 7.4.52 ) and the add-on package 'vim-youcompleteme' had been installed prior to the mishap and ...
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Tab keep triggering jump backward in ultisnips

I have a problem with UltiSnips. It keeps jump backwards even tough I didn't map it in my .vimrc file. My .vimrc look like this let g:UltiSnipsExpandTrigger="<C-l>" ...
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YouCompleteMe cannot complete C function with parameters

I have set this let g:ycm_key_invoke_completion = "<c-q>", and then I can see the pop menu without parameters. If I press Ctrl+q, the pop menu is the same one. How can it complete a global ...
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How can I limit number of suggestions when using YouCompleteMe?

I'm working on fairly large php codebase (~1.3 mil lines of code). I have generated tags and now when I'm typing something like $data-> YouCompleteMe lags really hard and basically freezes Vim ...
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How do I copy the error message I get from YCM

Is there a way to copy the error message that YCM shows at the bottom of vim? For example in the above image, it says: unused parameter 'sortFunction' I had an idea of using "howdoi [paste]" in ...
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YouCompleteMe in non-code files yields -- User defined completion (^U^N^P) Pattern not found

I use YouCompleteMe and it works great (after some setting up woes) for both C/C++ and Python code. However, it tries to complete things in text files such as ReStructured text, markdown, etc... The ...
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