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A plugin which provides facilities to integrate Vim with the pandoc document converter and work with documents written in its markdown variant

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Vim Pandoc & Headers

When using vim-pandoc, I'm having some funny behavior with headers: For instance, if I position the cursor on a word and press v-a-w and then <localleader> - i, I get italics. if I position ...
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Generating automated bullets and numbered lists with markdown

I'm looking for a good way to generate lists that are automatically bulleted. I tried the markdown plugin. It generates bullets automatically but not numbered lists. I also tried the vim-pandoc plugin ...
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Pandoc and formatting

I'm using the vim-pandoc and vim-pandoc-syntax bundles in neovim. I'm converting the markdown to a docx file and I'm seeing that I need to do a double space in order to get a carriage return in the ...
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How to move to Markdown ATX-style headers?

How can I move (navigate) between Markdown ATX-style headers? The Vim plugin does so using the [ and ] keys, but only when there is no space between the ...
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Vim-Pandoc Overrides my Markdown Plugins

I've been trying to get the vim-pandoc plugin to play nice with markdown nvim, and have not been successful in finding help so far. The trouble seems to be that vim-pandoc sets markdown files to be ...
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Vim pandoc red background

I use vim-pandoc for markdown editing but it adds red backgrounds to almost every words. Is it an spellchecking issue ? how can I disable this ? [
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execute 'Goyo' on loading pandoc document

It seems like running the Goyo command (a distraction free editing plugin) on loading a pandoc document should be really simple, but execute "Goyo" in .config/nvim/ftplugin/pandoc.vim leads the ...
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End of sentence dot moves before bold text when using vim-pandoc

Using Vim-Pandoc, I'm having a strange behavior change with Pandoc bold toggle: - <localleader>b toggles bold For example some text. When I select "some" and press <...
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vim-pandoc bibliography completion works only when writing a new file with GVim

I have installed vim-pandoc, as suggested here. When I open Vim in the terminal I get only 'Omni completion (^O^N^P) Pattern not found' errors. echo pandoc#bibliographies#Find_Bibliographies() returns ...
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