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This plugin has for goal to ease the creation of your own text objects.

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Is there a way to "move to the beginning of the next text object"?

Suppose I have a defined text object. For example, I have a ii text block which defines all the contiguous lines around the cursor at the same level of indentation or deeper. I know what it means to, ...
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Do operator ranges/movements/textobjects always overwrite the last visual selection? workaround?

In vim, when I operate on a textobject from a plugin, say the 'inner indent' typed ii from kana/vim-textobj-indent, my last visual selection ('>, '<) is reset to where the operator worked on. ...
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textobj-user: must the patterns be different?

I'm trying to make a text-object that is a paragraph surrounded by lines containing %. To test something simpler, I tried: call textobj#user#plugin('pc', { \ 'code': { \ 'pattern': ['%<', '%'...
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