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Autocompletion with NodeJS, Visual Studio style

There isn't much from VS Code I can't reproduce with neovim but working with javascript/node, I am quite jealous of the fact that the autocompletion works with any (or most?) libraries added to the ...
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1 answer

Cannot setup tern_for_vim plugin

I installed the plugin tern_for_vim. Followed all the instructions from readme but it doesn't work. I don't have any autocompletion for javascript, the commands :TernDef and :TernDoc are not ...
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How to setup loadEagerly with tern-js?

I am using the ternjs for vim plugin (based on tern js project) and standard vim omni-completion. I am unable to get basic eager loading working with tern or I am misunderstanding how the loadEagerly ...
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How can I rebuild tern_for_vim's index of my code?

I am using tern_for_vim to provide javascript support on autocompletion, jump to definitions and it also generates hints about parameter type based on any JSDocs I write for my functions. The problem ...
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2 answers

Ternjs plugin is not working as expected

I installed ternjs_for_vim plugin but can't figure out how to use it properly. RTFM didn't help. What I get is list random JS-methods in the omni-completion. But things like completing for Node.JS ...
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