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The Taglist plugin is a source code browser plugin which provides an overview of the structure of source code files and allows you to efficiently browse through source code files for different programming languages.

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Taglist isn't reading custom Markdown tags

The plugin Taglist is showing tags perfectly for my python but not for my markdown files. There is a MCVE on github. I have two files. is: def one(): print("one") def two(): ...
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How to prevent duplicated sections in taglist with vim-latex

The plugin yegappan/taglist and the plugin vim-latex are very nice to navigate within the table of content of a latex document. There is an issue however on my system section titles are duplicated. ...
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How to manage windows properly

I've used two plugins with vim: Nerdtree and Taglist. However, if I quit the opened file and open another file in the Nerdtree, it will become: Which means that the new opened file is displayed at ...
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Number column in Tlist window

I want to hide the number column set nonumber norealtivenumber in Tlist window! Every time I call :Tlist the number column appears in the window. How can I disable the number column for that window.
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How can I remove the left bar in the taglist plugin?

How can I remove the left bar in the taglist plugin? It is the gray part in picture.
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