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A class outline viewer for Vim

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Vim command line bigger when tagbar is open

Vim's command line is bigger when TagBar is opened. I am using windows terminal but this happens in Command Prompt as well. What am I doing wrong? Or is there an option that I missed?
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Tagbar line numberings being overwritten

I'm trying to use the Tagbar line numbers: " Show line numbers (0 = none, 1 = absolute, 2 = relative) " note: this doesn't work well and is often overwritten by rnu settings let g:...
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How to fuzzy search existing methods in a file

I currently use tagbar to list all the methods in my php files. However I have to do several steps in order to navigate to a specific method in the file like so: run the keyboard shortcut to display ...
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How to use actual window size to control vim settings?

Background: neovim with tagbar plugin installed Goal: when starting nvim, if current window size is larger than 100, open tagbar and set auto-open for new buffers. Currently I use the settings below ...
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