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For questions about Vim's plugin system. NOT for questions about a specific plugin (use the appropriate plugin-* tag) or questions that may require a plugin.

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Settings and plugins when root (`sudo vim`)?

It's really frustrating when I need to edit a file as root and use sudo vim somefile.conf and I can't use any of my keybindings and settings and plugins. Is there a way to get all my customizations ...
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What is the best way to embed external python modules to vim plugin?

I decided to write a plugin for vim. I want to write it mainly in python, as I am most proficient in it. I started development with this example:
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Detect most resource hungry plugin

I have some plugins installed for vim, I would like to know how can I find out what plugin uses most resources (CPU, RAM) ?
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Vim to edit and submit to [Hackerrank] allows to solve their own set of programming problems with an online editor wich supports Emacs, Vim and 'Normal' modes. The Vim mode can't really replace a customized local vim and ...
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How to design a command in a plugin that can be called from vimrc?

I'm working on a plugin that allows users to create custom operators. The operators would apply a VimL expression to the motion or text object that the operator moves over. Keeping a clean user ...
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Add plugin directory

When I install plugins, I like to keep them organised in folders. For example, I have downloaded plugins that turn vim into a programming IDE. This file contains 16 folders and files which are ...
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How can I redefine plugin key mappings?

I have installed a plugin that doesn't provide a mechanism to disable the key mappings it defines. I want to redefine one of the mappings (<leader>cc) defined by the plugin for my own pursope, I'...
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What is a Vim plugin?

I understand that we can extend the power of Vim in order to add new features or modify existing ones and enhance our editing experience. Although being myself a Vim user for quite a long time, I am ...
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142 votes
7 answers

How do I install a plugin in Vim/vi?

How do I install a plugin in Vim? Does it matter: Whether I use vi or Vim? Whether I use gVim? Which version of Vim I'm using? What my OS is?
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GitHub for .vimrc and plugins

I know many people store their .vimrc on GitHub to make it easier to get right to work on new machines, and that makes complete sense to me. Including plugins, however, is problematic, because the ...
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How do I install a .vimball Plugin?

I was given a plugin for Vim. It came in something called a .vimball. What am I meant to do with this exactly? Where do I put it? Do I need to be root to install it?
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22 votes
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Why aren't Vimballs commonly used?

I have seen that a lot of Vim Plug-ins don't seem to have Vimballs. Vimballs were/are basically a tarball for a plugin that vim knows how to install. They were/are thus slightly more convenient that ...
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Resources for scripting vim with python [closed]

I love vim, I love python, and I dislike vimscript. So I would like to know how to write plugins (or throwaway scripts) for vim in python. Of course, the first reference should be :h python, but I ...
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What makes a plugin Vundle compatible and are other plugin managers interchangeable?

For a long time now I've been using Vundle to manage my vim plugins. As best I can make out this basically just organizes plugins in an isolated directory structure and keeps track of updating them ...
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Figure out which plugin is responsible for a key binding

I was about to answer a question but realized that my answer depends on a key binding provided by a plugin I have installed. Even worse, I don't know which plugin provides it. The only way I know to ...
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