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Questions tagged [plugin-snipmate]

Adds "Snippets" to Vim, which allows you to quickly add pre-defined pieces of text with only a few keystrokes.

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2 votes
1 answer

How to fix the deprecated legacy SnipMate parser?

I have the Snipmate plugin in my .vimrc, but when I launch Vim, I get this error. How can I fix it? Here's what I currently have: Bundle 'garbas/vim-snipmate'
1 vote
1 answer

How can I see a list of snippets in my Vim?

I installed vim-snippets, ultisnips and coc.nvim in my Vim (gVim on Windows). How can I see a list of snippets that I can use in my current open file? For example, when I'm editing a .js file, I want ...
0 votes
1 answer

Why tab key can't trigger my snipmate?

I install pathogen to manage all plugins in gvim,do as the tutorial hwo to install with pathogen say ,running the following commands in my windows10 % cd g:\vim\vimfiles\bundle % git clone https:/...
4 votes
0 answers

Disable a specific set of snippets in SnipMate

Is it possible to tell SnipMate to ignore a specific set of snippets? Let's take vim-snippets/snippets/javascript/javascript-jquery.snippets as an example. When editing a JavaScript file, all snippet ...
1 vote
1 answer

Redefine <TAB> key for triggering plugin action

i've got a mapping for iterating thru suggested pop up window of omni completion inoremap <expr> <TAB> pumvisible() ? "\<C-y>" : "\<TAB>" but i also want a to trigger while ...
5 votes
1 answer

Is there a snippet plugin compatible with Supertab?

I used Suptertab for a while and I really like it. Recently I tried to add a snippet management plugin but I wasn't successful in getting them to work with Supertab. I tried SnipMate and Ultisnips. ...
1 vote
0 answers

Why don't my custom snippets under ~/.vim/snippets/ directory work?

I have installed the snippets plugin: Plugin 'garbas/vim-snipmate' Plugin 'honza/vim-snippets' And I've put my own markdown snippets under ~/.vim/snippets/markdown.snippets. There're some triggers ...