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A number of Vim improvements to make Vim an IDE for Python.

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ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pylama'

I am taking errors whenever open python code and then press a movement key. Just only have these error in .py extensions. Even not in the pyc Error detected while processing CursorMoved Autocommands ...
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Vim ALE seems to be "ignoring" pyright

I'm having issues with setting up ale and pyright. According to the documentation on both repos, everything should work out of the box, but that doesn't seem to be the case for me. I'm guessing it's ...
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How to auto import Python functions in VIM?

Let's say I need reverse function in my newly created file and I have not imported it yet: url = reverse('hell-world') I would love to go onto the reverse name, press VIM binding and ...
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View pylint errors using coc and neovim

For the following code there is an error in the gutter, but I don't know how to view the actual message for it. Similarly here: In the bottom right of the editor are warnings and errors: But I don'...
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Error detected while processing ~/.vim/bundle/python-mode/autoload/pymode/lint.vim

I followed a tutorial toon vim setup and used wget to load someone's .vimrc . On opening a file with vim, i get the following errors: Error detected while processing function pymode#breakpoint#init ...
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tabstop doesnt work by default in python files [duplicate]

I have set up set tabstop=2 set lcs=tab>.,trail=. in .vimrc when i open .txt files, tabs are displayed as >. however when i open a .py file, tabs are displayed as >......... I ...
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Getting Python support for gVim 8.1 (Windows 10)

As an extension (follow-up question) of the answer here: If you type :version, you should see +python/dyn and +python3/dyn. On Windows, this means that Vim is compiled to dynamically load the Python ...
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Compiling Vim with python3 showing E370: Could not load library libpython3.7m.a

I have been trying to compile Vim with python3 on my Mac for many hours, as a result, it looks fine now, as the following: VIM - Vi IMproved 8.1 (2018 May 18, compiled Dec 9 2018 00:37:54) macOS ...
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How vim invokes and executes python interpreter

What is happening under the hood when we type :w !python3 in VIM. Does it invoke the system-wide python3 or the one present in the virtual environment? My script: import sys sys.path.append('./...
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Unable to install vim plugin in raspberry pi

I am trying to install plugin for python in vim,but i am unable to do that. I removed vi tiny from Raspberry pi and installed vi 8.0 I followed instruction from this site
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Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: unable to load the file system codec ImportError: No module named 'encodings'

I am new to vim. As much as I love it, there seem to be a lot of bugs or errors every time I try doing something. I am unable to run the plugin "browserlink.vim" (
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What is a good debug front end plugin

I would like to use vim to write python codes, it is good to use python-mode plugin. However, I have to debug with pdb in the terminal, which is quite inconvenient since I have no way to view the ...
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Why does Rename fails with Python files if there is no trailing space?

:Rename (from vim-rename) fails with Python files in my current set up with the following error: line 46: E486: Pattern not found: \s\+$ if the file does not contain trailing whitespaces in at ...
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Vim and YouCompleteMe troubles (PROTOCOL_TLS)

I wanted to install YouCompleteMe plugin for vim - however failed miserably at every step of the way. The problem was I had to compile everything by hand (remote machine - no root): started with vim ...
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