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Questions about the nvim-tree plugin that provides a file tree browser.

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Making vim-fugitive compatible with file explorers

I have the vim-fugitive plugin and use :G a lot. If I have NERDTree as a plug or netrw enabled then :G will open either a NERDTree file or a netrw file instead of the usual fugitive file with the ...
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nvim-tree highlight parent directory

I'm looking to highlight the parent folders of my current opened file i.e. the folders that have an expanded > icon with nvim-tree
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Why does nvimtree keep changing to the wrong directory?

I have a project with the following structure. It's a monorepo based react project. It opens fine in the beginning. But as soon as I open any file e.g. apps/editor/pages/index.js. The NVIMTree ...
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icons from Devicons not rendering properly in neovim despite I'm using nerd fonts config

I'm using nerd fonts in my terminal. I setup nvimtree with below config - use { 'kyazdani42/nvim-tree.lua', requires = 'kyazdani42/nvim-web-devicons', config = function() require'nvim-...
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Icons are not showing in nvim-tree

Unfortunately, I am not able to make the nvim-tree plugin working for me. I installed the nvim-web-devicons as recommended, google a lot but can't find a solution. Please find a screenshot and my init....
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How can I change the root of my nvim-tree?

I have checked this screenshot (list of nvim-tree commands): But there seems to be no command to change the root of my tree. Also I am hoping to setup a convenient startup location but could not find ...
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How can I enable all NvChad features?

I am struggling to enable the features advertised on Upon installation, we only get basic features such as tabs and command bar, as per my experience and what I ...
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How to not change directory when I use "Go to file"?

I'm using neovim and I have NvimTree installed. When I press gf on a file path, it opens that import file but at same time, my NvimTree go to that file path too, so I have to cd back to the original ...
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expand("%") sometimes gives me a full path

For some reason, some times the command expand("%") gives me a full path of a file rather than the relative path as expected. If I check the pwd it says I'm on the project folder. However, ...
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Neovim - blend transparent highlight colors

I am trying to make the NvimTree background a different color than the main neovim window, while retaining transparency set by Alacritty. The desired panel can be made fully transparent with :...
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