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Use vim locally to access GNU R in docker-container

Disclaimer: I posted part of this question here with a focus on how to use Emacs+ESS, but a solution with vim or neovim is also of interest to me. I'm using Debian Stable (currently Buster) to do my ...
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How to instantiate/setup a plugin (VGit) in Neovim?

I am new to NeoVim and slowly converting to it as my main tool of choice for editing and development in general. I came across the VGit plugin and decided to give it a try but the setup section ...
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<CR> in Insert mode while editing plain .R files produces a magrittr %>%

While in insert mode in a .R file, the %>% pipe is added when I hit <CR>. When I checked: :map! I get i <CR> *@<Esc>:normal! a %>%<CR>a :verbose imap <CR> I get ...
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Table of content for R markdown files

My workflow is to perform data analysis in R markdown files. They are a mix of text and code chunks, pretty much like jupyter notebooks for python. These files can get long with time and I like to ...
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