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Questions tagged [plugin-nerdtree]

For questions about the plugin nerdtree: A tree explorer plugin for Vim.

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Collapse all directories in NerdTree by default

I recently restored my computer to a clean install and copied over my dot files. MacVim behaves quite a bit differently than my previous install. One main thing is that NerdTree no longer collapses ...
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Prevent buffer loads within NERDTree

If I have many buffers opened and, if the cursor (focus) is within NERDTree, when I change the buffer with :bn or :bp, the content of buffer loads within NERDTree. There's a way to, before buffer ...
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Nerdtree display current opened file after jumping into a tag

I'm not sure if this is possible, I have my nerdtree opened for file let's say main.cpp. Then I use tag jump to one of the definitions which is in a different directory but nerdtree window still shows ...
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NERDTree-go does not leave cursor in the NERDTree

NERDTree.txt says: go.......Open selected file, but leave cursor in the NERDTree......|NERDTree-go| Open selected bookmark dir in current NERDTree But when I typo go in a NERDTree buffer, ...
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Any vim plugins to integrate git status for each file in file window explorer?

is there any vim plugins could show git status for each file in file window explorer? Please notice that I am not asking integrate git status in statusline, but in file explorer like nerdtree/defx, ...
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saving a .v file triggers it to be opened in another window and gets E:325 in neovim

After trying to save a .v file, it triggers a new window to be opened with e:325 error with swap file already exists. This only happens to .v files. This only happens when neovim is opened from that ...
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NERDTree causes Vim exiting when open two buffers on same window

Here is what is happening: I open one file, either with o in NERDTree or with :edit file_a. I open another file, again with o in NERDTree or with :edit file_b, and the file opens at the same window ...
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How to display NERDtree buffer in a floating window

Thanks to a comment on reddit I was able to move my FZF search to a floating window and whilst it looks cool my main gain was that it's faster or at least it feels faster because it's no longer ...
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NERDTree seems to perform :lcd

Every time I open a file from NERDTree, it seems to do a :lcd to the location of that file. If I open 5 files from NERDTree, I will have 5 different working directories in each buffer. I can't seem to ...
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Nerd tree show full filename

In nerdtree as we go deeper filenames are hidden due to smaller width of tree window. Is there a fix to show full filename over the window which is currently highlighted in tree?
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Open file in a new instance of vim from nerdtree

I'm actually using i3wmw so I'd like NERDtree, or any other option that works as a file tree to open the selected file in a new instance of vim, instead of in a new tab/buffer. Is there anyway to ...
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Split window & Fuzzy finder path with Nerdtree

Say I have one window open displaying folder foo. Then I open a new window by doing :vs ~/bar. Then I get a Nerdtree, and when using Ctrlp's fuzzyfinder by doing ,,. I expect the files displayed to be ...
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:vsp sometimes making one split bigger than other and hiding NERDTree

So most of the time I have my standard layout like this: And every now and then I want to open a split in the main buffer using :vsp and most of the time that looks like this: And that is what I ...
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NERDTree file extension highlighting issue: c files not highlighted

function! NERDTreeHighlightFile(extension, fg, bg) exec 'autocmd filetype nerdtree syn match ' . a:extension .' #^\s\+.*'. a:extension .'$#' exec 'autocmd filetype nerdtree highlight ' . a:...
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Highlight all files open in buffer in NERDTree

Is it possible to get a list of all files in the buffer? And if so can we highlight all of them in NERDTree?
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Vim - open wrong path when I run command ':vs .' run in Vim

When I run the :vs . command in Vim for the current working directory window split, the parent directory opens, not the current directory. Example: A/B/C$ vi test.c in Vim: :vs . Split window ...
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Making vim-fugitive compatible with file explorers

I have the vim-fugitive plugin and use :G a lot. If I have NERDTree as a plug or netrw enabled then :G will open either a NERDTree file or a netrw file instead of the usual fugitive file with the ...
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Nerdtree Tab witdth - how do I change the size?

When I press t in nerdtree, it opens the file in a new tab. But the tabs are very small. How do I make them longer (span the page)?
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Trouble after NERDTree installation using vim8's package manager instead other plugin

I got this strange NERDTree error. The vim distro I am using that fall into this problem install vim using vim8's package manager. Error detected while processing function <SNR>42_onNERDTreeInit[...
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Nerdtree is slowing down neovim in basic config

I am currently trying to create a neovim environment to see if it can be my primary text editor. But I am already facing a problem with Nerdtree which is making neovim way too slow. I don't understand ...
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Install plugin for plugin

I'm trying to use nerdtree-git-plugin for nerdtree to be able to see git information within vim I'm using vim 8.2 and so have been using the built in package manager. I have the nerdtree files in ~/....
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nerdtree: not allowed to enter a popup window

I'm using Vim8.2 with the plugin Nerdtree and some other plugins to work with Golang. Here is how I configure my vim: All of configs can be found in the file ...
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