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Vim plugin for intensely orgasmic commenting

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How to map a kebind to a operator?

I am using nerd-commenter which uses the operator series gcc to toggle comment. I would like to map Ctrl/ to gcc because I prefer the VsCode mapping. So is there any way to map Ctrl/ to gcc?
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Changing default comment characters in NERDCommenter

I've asked a similar question in the past but haven't been able to solve it in too nice a manner. the only way I've been able to figure out how to change the delimiter is by modifying the ...
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Pretty python comments

I comment sections in python via a centered title surrounded by #. What I would like is to make a command so that I can automatically generate such headers. For example, to generate a line like the ...
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Binding toggle comment to <C-/>

I installed NERDCommenter plugin and its default bindings unfortunately conflict with my own. For instance I use <Leader>-c and <Leader>-v to emulate CTRL-c and CTRL-v. And since IDEs ...
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How to set a shortcut for multiple leader commands

I'm using the nerdcommenter to comment and uncomment my c++ code. Basically I use \cc to comment one line, \cu to uncomment, \ca to switch the delimiters (switch // to /**/ or switch back). Now I ...
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Using NerdCommenter to comment/uncomment blocks with old-style C comments

I'm using the NerdCommenters leader c<space> to toggle comments on blocks of C code, but when those blocks already contain C comments, they get replaced, by default with [> and <], and ...
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change default comment in nerd commenter

In nerdcommenter, the default comment is /* */. I tried to change it to # for plain text as: "NerdCommenter {{{ " Add spaces after comment delimiters by default let g:NERDSpaceDelims = 1 " Use ...
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Map NERDComToggleComment to a keyboard shortcut

To use NERDComToggleComment, I need to type <Leader>c<Space> (in my case, Leader is ,). I would like to map this to a Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+any key if Ctrl+C is reserved/unavailable for any ...
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Uncomment multiline block with NERDCommenter

Is it possible using NERD-commenter to uncomment a multiline block under the cursor without selecting the entire block visually first? If no, are there any better plugins, that can do the job? Here ...
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Configure custom key mapping for plugin actions

I am using plugin to comment the code. It's working fine, but I would like to do a modification. Currently these are the default mappings: <leader>...
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How can I change/delete comments easily?

For commenting and uncommenting I now use the vim-commentary plugin, also the NERD commenter can be used as mentioned in: How to comment out a set of lines which are selected in visual mode? I would ...
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Plugin config settings: Newline "\n" returns ^@ control character?

I'm trying to configure the NERDCommenter plugin to handle multiline ruby comments (i.e., nested inside =begin and =end). The relevant setting is something like this: let g:NERDCustomDelimiters = { ...
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What does [count]<leader> mean?

I found a command in NERDCommenter like this: [count]<leader>cc |NERDComComment| I have installed the plugin. But, I don't know how to make it work. So what's the meaning of that command? How ...
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