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Questions tagged [plugin-luasnip]

Snippet Engine for Neovim written in Lua

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0 answers

How to make lua_ls provide completion for luasnip methods?

I am using luasnip in Neovim and I'm having problems getting lua_ls to provide information about the functions. local ls = require("luasnip") local s = ls.snippet Basically, I want when ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Question about LuaSnip

I am following this guide to setup Snippets in lua. I managed to get the first example snippet working, but then noticed the Readme for Luasnip ( Resources for beginners section) mention that "...
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1 answer

Attempt to index local tmp error for dynamic node (LuaSnip)

I am trying to create a snippet that changes based on the optional lua pattern input, but I am getting an error about a local tmp for the dynamic node. The desired outcome for typing $cup$ is $\cup$ ...
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1 answer

How to set up LuaSnip in NeoVim w/LSP-Zero?

I'm trying to enable snippets in my auto-completion but they are only working for lua files and nothing else. I ve been messing around with nvim-cmp and luasnip itself and even downloaded friendly ...
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2 answers

Configuring VimTeX in NvChad config

I've been trying to configure vim-tex working on the NvChad configs. I got the :VimtexCompile working and giving me output pdf. But the usual <leader>ll is giving me these errors. Also in vim {{ ...
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1 answer

Unable to install luasnip

After installing luasnip I encountered this error: Even though cmp is already installed Plugins.lua use({ "onsails/lspkind-nvim", event = "VimEnter" }) use({ "L3MON4D3/...
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5 votes
1 answer

Moving from Ultisnips to LuaSnip?

I recently decided to switch my init.vim to init.lua as I'm using Neovim and opted to use LuaSnip over UltiSnips - previously, CoC autocomplete and UltiSnips were clashing over the same tab triggers. ...
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0 votes
2 answers

nvim: How do I insert a luasnip for BufNewFile "_skel"

I am using nvim-cmp and luasnips and I have a _skel snippet, I would like to create an autocmd to trigger this snippet for New Files: I already have some code: local status_ok, packer = pcall(require, ...
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