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Indentation is slow in vimtex

If you try to indent a moderate size .tex file (~ 3,000 words/500 lines) using the normal mode command gg=G, vimtex seems to take some time. However LaTeX-Box seems to indent faster. I didn't ...
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LaTeX-Box does not define :Latexmk

The LaTeX-Box plugin is supposed to define the command :Latexmk, but it doesn't! Am I missing something obvious? (The reason I'm trying to run latexmk from vim is that I want to use the quickfix ...
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Latex plugin for Vim that supports files organized in multiple directories

I have a multiple file/folder project that looks like the following. ├── 0_Preamble │   ├── 01_TitlePage.tex │   ├── 02_TitleBack.tex │   ├── 03_Dedication.tex │   ├── 0_Preamble.tex ├── 1_Theory │  ...
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How to have forward search using Zathura PDF viewer and LaTeX-Box plugin?

I just started using Zathura to view pdfs while editing tex files. I am trying to have forward searching capability in Zathura. Using the LaTeX-Box plugin in Vim, I have added the following in my ...
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