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Expand abbreviations similar to emmet

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How to disable default emmet or sparkup behaviour

How can I disable default behaviour in emmet or sparkup? I want to disable this expansion: form --> <form action=""></form> I want to set it to (without action=""): form --> <...
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Repeat Emmet commands in vim with dot operator

Is there a way i can repeat an emmet command in vim. Below is the sample text file <h1>Hello World</h1> <h1>Hello World</h1> So i use emmet to wrap the the first line inside ...
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Changing color value for css syntax when using tab completion via emmet

Im using vim 7.4 and the Emmet plugin. While editing a css document and entering a selector .mylink for example, pressing Tab will typically yield a space, opening and closing braces and a blank line ...
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Emmet expand only HTML tags

Hi I'm trying to make emmet expand only Html tags. For example div<c-y>, should be expanded to <div></div> But abc<c-y>, should not be expanded. By default emmet expands ...
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Vim 9 and Emmet % key for navigation in html no longer seems to work

On gVim I find that the % key doesn't work with html files although it does work in CSS files. In HTML files with an extension of .html it seems to do nothing. If the cursor is placed on a div tag ...
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