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Neovim keep html tags indented in react/jsx files

When I edit a .html file I get this when pressing enter key: <div>|</div> <div> | </div> and while I edit a react file, the behavior is not what I was expecting: <div>...
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How to have both Ultisnips and Emmet-Vim depending of the filetype

I often use UltiSnips for other file types, but for HTML I'd like to use Emmet-vim. However, I'd like to use the same trigger for both. For this I have let g:user_emmet_expandabbr_key='<C-j>' ...
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What's the difference between coc-emmet and emmet.vim?

I'm working in HTML and want to choose emmet support for neo(vim) but don't know where to start. What are the differences between coc-emmet or emmet.vim?
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Emmet expand only HTML tags

Hi I'm trying to make emmet expand only Html tags. For example div<c-y>, should be expanded to <div></div> But abc<c-y>, should not be expanded. By default emmet expands ...
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Repeat Emmet commands in vim with dot operator

Is there a way i can repeat an emmet command in vim. Below is the sample text file <h1>Hello World</h1> <h1>Hello World</h1> So i use emmet to wrap the the first line inside ...
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Why emmet.vim don't expand CSS abbreviation?

To input w100p and ctrl+y+, or w100p and tab,w100p can't expand into width: 100%. No snippets.json file found with command find / -name 'snippets.json',is it the reason? snippets.json can ...
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Changing color value for css syntax when using tab completion via emmet

Im using vim 7.4 and the Emmet plugin. While editing a css document and entering a selector .mylink for example, pressing Tab will typically yield a space, opening and closing braces and a blank line ...
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How to disable default emmet or sparkup behaviour

How can I disable default behaviour in emmet or sparkup? I want to disable this expansion: form --> <form action=""></form> I want to set it to (without action=""): form --> <...
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I am unable to install emmet plugin on windows

My directory structure is as follows Vim/ -vim74/ -autoload/ -emmet-vim-master/ -autoload -emmet/ -plugin -doc -plugin/ -color/ -ftplugin/ -vimfiles/ -...
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Adding emmet plugin to Vim in Windows

I am using Vim in my windows PC . Currently I am working with a web project and I want to use Vim as code editor. I tried to download and add the plugin to Vim editor from this site ...
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