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Backspace removes extra space after installing delimitMate

I want Backspace key to remove only one space all the time, but after installing delimitMate, it removes extra space. Let's say I want to type the code below. let hello = "some text"; While ...
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DelimitMate Plugin: How can I specify my own delimiters? Also, can I jump the cursor to the end of the generated right-delims with an insert-mode map?

Two questions related to the DelimitMate plugin here: How can I modify the set of auto-generated left and right delimiters? For example, in LaTeX it would be convenient to have $ as left-right ...
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DelimitMate plugin for vim not working

I am new to vim, so I installed the plugin DelimitMate to my vim. But it is not working in my vim -version 7.4.1689.My plugin manager in pathogen.I searched on everywhere to solve this problem but ...
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