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How to install YouCompleteMe with Clang completer offline?

I have installed YouCompleteMe with Clang completer in OS X 10.10.4, and in my new OS X 10.11.4 I want to reinstall it. The previous installation process downloaded about 140MB at very low speed. I ...
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Clang complete, disable precompiled headers

Sometime in the past little while either the clang on the systems I use (Fedora) were updated to use precompiled headers by default, or else my re-install of the clang complete git plugin from github ...
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vim c++ clang_complete doesn't work for std::cin.get()

I'm using vim to do c++ projects on Mac OS X. To auto complete, I use this plugin: clang_complete For most of cases, such as members of user-defined classes, members of namespaces, it works very ...
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How do I make Clang Completer Auto-Complete/Auto Show options

I have recently moved to vim and was looking into specific auto-completion plugins and tools to use for C/C++ (after YCM did not work for me). I found and installed Clang Completer and it works like a ...
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clang_complete: No python support available

I have installed SpaceVim. My init.toml file looks as follows: #============================================================================= # dark_powered.toml --- dark powered configuration example ...
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Installing clang_complete Errors

I tried to add the clang_complete plugin to my vim. After I added it, I get a large error page before I can open any C++ file. The autocomplete still does ...
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