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Run the_silver_searcher (also known as ag) from within Vim.

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Any way to prevent :Ag search from automatically opening the first returned result?

Whenever I run an :Ag search on my present working directory, the first entry in the returned results list is always automatically opened in the currently active pane. Is there any way to disable ...
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3 votes
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How to exclude filenames from Ag search (via fzf.vim)?

I'm using (the fantastic) Ag, Silver Searcher, through (the fantastic) fzf.vim plugin. When I search for text, though, I don't want to see matches on file names. For example, :Ag finder shows every ...
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Using the Ag plugin, how to not automatically open the first result?

Looked through the options through :help Ag but didn't see anything. The closest I got was lhandler but that's only controlling the new window that opens.
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