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MacOS Terminal CPU spike after exiting Vim

I'm using Vim 8.1 from homebrew on MacOs 10.14.6. Whenever I exit vim back to the terminal, the first keypress in the terminal afterward results in a beachball and CPU spike to 100%, with terminal ...
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Can using too many abbreviations slow down vim?

Recently I started using the iabbr to the best of my abilities. While editing a file I may have sourced as many as 500 abbreviations. I have also noticed that my vim is slowing down recently. The ...
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Is it more efficient to use one function instead of multiple autocommands?

I have a lot of lines with with filetype-specific autocommands defining mappings and abbreviations, which looks like this: augroup vimrc au! ... au FileType blah nnoremap <buffer> aa bb au ...
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neovim: breakindent results in slow insert mode

I had the feeling that neovim was being sluggish in insert mode so I started bisecting my init.vim. Contrary to my expectations it looks like dozens autotrigger snippets were not the culprit but rater ...
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How to make code-folding more efficient

I have a ruby file while is about 5K+ lines long. My current setup uses the vim-ruby plugin. With this, I enable code folding with let ruby_fold = 1 This opens my ruby files pre-folded. I can open ...
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Simple .vimrc takes a very long time to save

Saving a file with :w takes several seconds for me, and I can't figure out the culprit. This is my .vimrc " Specify a directory for plugins " - For Neovim: ~/.local/share/nvim/plugged " - Avoid using ...
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a `nnoremap <buffer><silent>` on .vimrc make the curssor very slow on normal mode

To automate a bit the title creation for rst text I added this to my .vimrc: au FileType rst nnoremap <buffer><silent>h1 yypVr=o au ...
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Neovim freezes when opening a folder in WSL2

When I open neovim with to show a folder it completely freezes. When opening a folder from the command line: nvim . I see a completely black screen When having a file open, navigating to parent ...
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Why is network latency becomes too long when edit in the sshfs mounted files

I mounted the remote server directory to my local machine mount point with sshfs. Thus I could use my local vim to edit my code, it is much faster than editing with the vim installed to the remote ...
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Vim syntax line matching mechanism

Can someone explain or link to valid explanation information on the syntax highlighting mechanism. In particular I am having having a hard time understanding how rules are applied. Imagine the ...