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Questions about the usage of the Vim's path variable. this variable lists the directories which will be searched with commands like `gf`, [f, ]f, ^Wf, `:find`, `:sfind`, `:tabfind`

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14 votes
3 answers

Efficient way to find & open files deep in a project tree?

Without plugins like ctrlp and NERDTree, what would be the most efficient way to find and open files deep in a project tree? Setting the path to **/* results in useless files in .git and other ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Quickfix with makeprg running in a different directory

How can I start a build with my makeprg running in a different directory than the working directory of vim and still catch errors in quickfix so that I can jump between them? The problem is that ...
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How to set the vim path to your bash PATH?

I'd like my $PATH to be available to vim when running commands with !. How do I set vim's set path= to my environment variable $PATH?
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User command with modified 'path' completion?

I'm trying to write a wrapper command around :edit or :find specifically to open either my vimrc or a subpath of ~/.vim/ (e.g. ~.vim/autoloads/foo.vim). If I run the command with no arguments, it ...
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