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Using vi/vim as a pager, eg in lieu of `less`

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How do you exit a terminal buffer unless in a pager

In a terminal buffer, I want to auto-exit when I press "kk". Except for when I'm in some interactive session, like a pager (like the pager which is created when you git diff). To do that, I ...
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How to disable Ale if PAGER mode is enabled

I use both Ale and VIM pager plugins. But for obvious reasons I want to disable some Vim features and plugins in the "less" mode. But if I put as recommended this piece of code in my .vimrc it still ...
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How to use NeoVim as a pager?

I tried export PAGER="nvim -R", however it does not work for man page, so I export MANPAGER="nvim -c 'set ft=man' -" again, it works. However it still does not work for git log, it looks like below: ...
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How to NOT create a view and session file when viewing man pages

I recently discovered the world of vim session files, and they are awesome for working with multi-file code projects. However, when opening a man page I don't need a session file created for viewing ...
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Convert man page nroff overstrike text into highlight regions

Problem I want to view man-pages in colour, preserving nroff's bold and italic directives. How would I edit a buffer's text and setup highlight regions: manpage_bold: For all instances of X <...
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