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For questions about runtime settings that modify the behavior of the editor. When applicable, tag the version of the editor.

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What is the default "effective" titlestring?

Is the effective default value for titlestring documented somewhere? By effective, I mean the one that displays $(basename) ($(dirname)) (m of n) - GVIM1 or ... ((m) of n), even though titlestring is ...
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How to disable mouse scroll wheel when in normal mode?

I want to completely disable the mouse but mouse scrolling in normal mode is not disabled. I have disabled other mouse function but scrolling in normal mode is still on. To disable the mouse I have ...
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Wrong width for certain characters

Using this: All of these characters (and perhaps others): ℹ ⌨ ⏏ ⏭ ⏮ ⏯ ⏱ ⏲ ⏸ ⏹ ⏺ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☄ ☎ ☑ ☝ ☠ ☠️ ☢ ☣ ☦ ☪...
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Tell vim to treat character as full width

I am wondering if it is possible to tell vim to treat an individial code point in the unicode plain. I am aware of the ambiwidth option, but it does not help with my current task because the relevant ...
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Check valid values of an option (e.g. check if completeopt+=popup is valid)

I want to know if I can use the popup option for my completeopt in the running version of vim/neovim. The example is just for clarity, I'm looking for a solution that is generic. I know I can check ...
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vi -u doesn't seem to work?

As system administrator I have to work under several user IDs, some of which are shared with others. We all have different tastes in what we like in terms of settings for our vi, so I am looking at ...
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Is there a way to customize the characters used in fold column?

Seems to me that fillchars option doesn't include these characters.
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why does cpo-=c cause perceptual "lag?"

I'm using a CursorMoved autocommand with searchpos to do highlighting of special words. I've been using set cpo-=c to handle possible overlapping matches, and I restore it afterwards. This set seems ...
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Can't redefine tabstop, softtabstop and softwidth after syntax detection

I've a vim: VIM - Vi IMproved 8.2 (2019 Dec 12, собрано Apr 8 2020 14:10:43) and I tried to redefine tabstop, softtabstop and softwidth values for a file after detection of its syntax. I.e. I have a ...
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All of my Vim text is underlined

I have configured Vim and then noticed that all of my text is underlined for some reason. I am running WSL with the Hyper terminal and I also configured Vim using the Ultimate Vim Configuration. Is ...
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Local "statusline" override problem

I'm currently writing a plugin, and got stuck with this problem. My plugin opens a new window with all local options I want, but also sets the statusline option to display some useful information. Vim ...
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rulerformat truncated when filename included

Given the limited screen real estate on my device (27x48), I'm trying set laststatus=1 set rulerformat=%25(%<%f%M\ %=%l\|%c%) No matter the minwid prefix, or if I apply it to %() or %f, or if I ...
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"Invalid expression" setting 'foldtext', what is wrong?

I am trying to set 'foldtext', but it seems I misunderstand expressions, types, etc. of Vim fundamentally. Why does the following refuse to work? set foldtext=v:folddashes."TEST" Whereas this works?...
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Is there an `edefault` in the spirit of `gdefault` for setting the appropriate flags in vim's substitution commands?

To perform a buffer-wide substitution on all occurrences of foo (and not just the 1st one in a line), we can do %s/foo/bar/g The g flag may be omitted by setting this in the vimrc as set ...
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Why are my bulleted lines automatically joining?

I use the a formatoption to make my text hard wrap, and the n formatoption to recognize numbered lists. The help says that the n option should use the formatlistpat regex to determine which lines not ...
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Difference between &g:filetype and &filetype

Right now I have a python (*.py) file buffer open in a vim session. I also have the plugin startify installed. Now when I run the Ex-command: echo &g:filetype` I get startify. However, When I ...
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Is there any difference between set some_option=something and &some_option = something?

I may be wrong, but it feels like that set some_option = ... is a sort of old way for setting options, whereas &some_option = ... seems newer and it appears more powerful. In-fact, the latter ...
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How to escape spaces when setting options in vimscript?

I am trying to set an option in my init.vim or .vimrc. Specifically, it is the path variable, and I need to set it to a value that contains spaces; for example, this could be because several of the ...
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Mouse navigation not working in VIM

I started using VIM today and I found out that we could use the mouse pointer to go to a line in vim using set mouse=a But unfortunately, it is not working here is the config file
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Does vim have support for processing its comma-separated options?

Vim has comma-separated dictionary options like 'comments' and 'listchars': :set comments? comments=s:--[[,m: ,e:]],:-- :set listchars? listchars=tab:⇥ ,trail:␣,extends:⇉,precedes:⇇,nbsp:⚭ Commas ...
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how does t_AB and t_Sb option difference in vim?

I see three sets of options for terminal colors on the vim documentation. The first set of options: t_AB set background color (ANSI) *t_AB* *'t_AB'* t_AF set foreground color (ANSI) ...
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Specific filetype files should end with new line

my work project requires a newline at the end of a file. If I add a new line and save, it gets automatically removed. I work in Golang but the same behavior is observed in Lua, Rust and probably ...
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