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NvChad is a Neovim distribution. It is pre-configured but user-extensible.

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How to install nvim-html-css neovim plugin in NvChad

Neovim plugin: nvim-html-css I don't know lua but I need this plugin installed for bootstrap classes. I have Neovim NvChad lazy.nvim setup. Copy pasting didn't worked so I tried to cut out maybe ...
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NvChad: How to add a theme into the builtin list of `nvchad themes`?

I have installed a new theme called "rigel" in NvChad. I can switch to this theme from commandline using the command :colorscheme rigel. Is it possible to add this theme to the builtin list ...
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packer error "module 'packer.luarocks' not found:"

I am trying to install packer.nvim to my NvChad configuration. I installed packer using git clone "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\nvim-data\site\pack\packer\start\...
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How would I bind a keybind that uses Rubber to compile the current file on NvChad?

I'm new to NvChad and would like to learn how to bind <leader>t to execute rubber on the current file. My previous nvim setup had the code nnoremap <leader>t :!rubber --pdf %<CR>. ...
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Configuring VimTeX in NvChad config

I've been trying to configure vim-tex working on the NvChad configs. I got the :VimtexCompile working and giving me output pdf. But the usual <leader>ll is giving me these errors. Also in vim {{ ...
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