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Listing maps unreadable [closed]

I often forget a mapping and do :nmap etc to look for it. However, a lot of my mappings appear like this: n Ó :call ToggleFiletype()<CR> n ô :read ! c:\cygwin\bin\...
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Normal mappings not working anymore in Vim 9.0 for foreign and special characters

I used to have the following key mappings within _vimrc: nmap è "_ddP nmap ò yaw nmap à "_dwP nmap § .n working in Vim 7.4 on Windows and an Italian keyboard. Now, after upgrading to Vim 9....
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Vim run custom command immediately upon :e

The below mapping takes me to another file. The problem is that once I have opened the file, the screen is always, too far up. I adjust that with zt. How do I implement zt in the destination file ...
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What does `@<Plug>` mean in a mapping?

I have vimwiki and vim-vinegar and they conflict on an nmap. Calling map - shows these two maps: n - @<Plug>VimwikiRemoveHeaderLevel n - <Plug>VinegarUp unmap ...
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Vim yank from cursor position to end of nth line

I am trying to yank from my cursor posintion to end of nth line defined by a motion. So for the below text Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec non quam et erat pharetra ...
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Combine mapped commands in other mapping

How do I combine mapped commands into another mapping? For example, I have two mapped commands, each of which enters a bracketed string at the end of the current line, and then leaves the cursor on ...
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Remapping a Family of Shortcuts

I would like to remap/create the family of shortcuts starting with d into a version that does not yank it to any register. Is there a programmatic way of doing this or do I have to do it manually? For ...
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neovim map command strangeness

Using neovim. Since hlsearch is on, after the search and replace operation the strings are highlighted. Pressing <C-l> clears the highlight. I have this keymap to convert a line to title caps: ...
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