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Debugging remote plugin (Invalid channel)

I wrote a neovim remote plugin. I get this message after the command finished ( when I try another). Error detected while processing function remote#define#request: line 2: Error invoking 'C:/Users/...
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Remote neovim command that changes the selected range (python)

I want a simple command that changes the range that the user selected to a constant string I set (with possibly differently number of lines) - effectively adding lines if the constant string has more. ...
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How to debug python programs in Neovim [Astrovim distro]?

I have install neovim 0.8.3. I am using Astrovim distribution. I have installed all the necessary plugin. I have executed :TSInstall python :LspInstall pyright :DapInstall python But still when I ...
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Write to current cursor cursor position using a neovim Python plugin

I'd like to insert uuids into my tests when I need them without having to leave vim. I've tried to create a python3 plugin to do this: import neovim import uuid @neovim.plugin class GenerateUuid(...
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Getting an RGB color from highlight group

In putting together and addon for blender to integrate neovim. Where I'm at with it, github colo imported to blender text editor from nvim_gtk One component is grabbing the current colorscheme of a ...
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getting coordinates of a visual block via Neovim python API

(This is a copy of my original question on stackoverflow) Hi! I am browsing through the list of available functions in Neovim Python Client API in search of a way to get coordinates of a current ...
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Print neovim api-info using python 3

I get a human readable list of api functions using :new|put =map(api_info().functions, '') in neovim as suggested on Problem is, this doesn't ...
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