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multibyte characters unicode in neovim status line

I am trying to configure lualine plugin to display unicode of a multibyte character under the cursor. It is works fine for ASCII but not multibyte chars... Can anyone share a working lua function? ...
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convert byte index to character index

Some function in vim return a byte index instead of a character index (e.g. match()). If the matched string contains multibyte characters this byte index differs from the character index. Does vim ...
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Get visually selected text - weird behavior when last selected char is multi-byte

I have made a simple function to echo the visually selected text. The function is simplistic as I am only interested in max one-line selection. The problem is, if the last character of the visual ...
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Easy way to get character before cursor character in insert mode?

I am trying to write a function for insert mode mapping in which I want to get the character before the cursor character. For texts that are purely ASCII, this is easy, since its byte index is the ...
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neovim switch keymapping

I am in the process of getting myself to start using neovim instead of vim/vi which has been favorite editor for over 30 years. For my current use, I need to set keymapping to type characters that ...
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Space Error when typing Korean

when typing Korean, I quite frequently have a space error, and it seems happening randomly. Suppose I am trying to write the sentence "I do not know" in Korean. When I hit the space key ...
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Reliably get the character at a byte index in a string

I'm doing some string processing in vimscript. I obtained a byte index for a character in the string and now want to obtain the character at that byte index. For single-byte charsets (like latin1) ...
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Why does backslash-escaping a CJK character cause a very-magic regex match to fail?

My understanding of very-magic regexes is that you can escape any character outside [A-Za-z0-9_] with a backslash to make it match literally. However, I don't see that behaviour with CJK characters. ...
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How can I search for Unicode characters by hex code in very magic regexes in vimscript?

I am working on UTF-8 support for my editorconfig-core vimscript plugin. I have hit a strange snag. This is in official GVim 7.4 Win32. I would like to get this working on 7.4, rather than ...
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