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Go to error messages' `:help`

How can I search the help entry for the last errors after the execution? Example " try to run a command that doesn't exist :qwerty E492: Not an editor command: qwerty I usually use :echo errmsg, ...
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How to yank while in visual mode without showing message?

When I'm in visual mode and I yank the selection (which has at least 3 lines), messages like these are shown: 4 lines yanked block of 4 lines yanked How can I suppress this so it won't appear in :...
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Completely remove "messages maintainer:" from Vim?

I don't want to see this messages maintainer: message every time I open :messages. Is there a way to remove the messages maintainer: line from messages?
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How to suppress "No matching autocommands"?

I have a log library that has a autocmd log User hook, to show saved log or set it to a dedicated scratch buffer or etc. It works quite well, but there is slight nuisance. When inspection/debug done, ...
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Report more than 200 lines cut/pasted -- Vividly?

I have a text document where I frequently move/cut large blocks of text. Every 2-3 months I inadvertently cut or paste a huge number of lines (60,000 today) and discover the error hours, or even days, ...
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How to change the color of "search hit BOTTOM, continuing at TOP" to red?

The message "search hit BOTTOM, continuing at TOP" was always red in my previous experience. But in the new system, this message is in the same color as the comments in the code. This makes ...
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How can I maintain the status message after `zz` command?

I like to see the number of matches in a search on the bottom right set shortmess-=S But I also like to center the screen after I search nnoremap n nzz nnoremap N Nzz nnoremap * *zz nnoremap # #zz ...
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Suppress Deprecation Warning from Python

I am using gVim on Windows, and when I enter insert mode for the first time on a fresh document I am hit with a deprecation warning from Python regarding the imp package. This is quite jarring and I ...
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Silence specific message like "Press ENTER or type command to continue" correctly

Now, based on another post, I noticed that when using shell commands through vim, the message (as shown in the title) will appear once the command exit. I know of two ways to somewhat prevent it: ...
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Why does `:cdo print` not show full output?

:cdo print command (intended to print every line in the quickfix list), shows generic file information instead of line output for some quickfix entries. Why is this? The following example is taken ...
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echom a multline message, and force pause

I got some code that jobstart() a ripgrep, but if there is an error I wish to show it. At the on_exit callback a summary message is echom'ed after whether it was successfull or not. Unfortunately I ...
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vim display message on execution of mapping

I have mapped a key shortcut to copy all lines to system clipboard, which is working fine nnoremap <localleader>o :silent %w !pbcopy<cr> I would like to display the message as 'Copied' ...
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Redirect with higher verbosity

Is it possible to redirect messages(:messages) to file (as I do now), just with higher verbosity than the verbosity level of the displayed messages? The intention is that it would be the constant ...
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How to get rid of an error message from 'deoplete'

Every time I run vim I receive the following error message that disappear afterwords. What can I do to get rid of that message or to get rid of the problem? [deoplete] [yarp] [deoplete] job is dead. ...
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Custom prompt message when saving file

The default message displayed on the prompt when one saves a file is "<file_name>" <nlines>L, <ncharacters>C written and it remains in the prompt until another message is to be ...
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Is There a Way to Make Vim Provide an Error Message Whenever it Beeps?

I know that when vim beeps at me it is generally telling me I did something wrong. Sometimes it displays a helpful error message and sometimes it does not. Is there a way to make it always show a ...
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Command line messages disappear in a flash

A while back I started using guioptions +=k to (from help guioptions): Keep the GUI window size when adding/removing a scrollbar, or toolbar, tabline, etc. Instead, the behavior is ...
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Hide bottom message when open new file

As title, is there any options in vim that can do that? Need a way to control messages system in vim, and as usual even hard-coded, still need preserve some options for users.
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How to let the latest message persist on redraw?

The problem I have is, for example, when using undo (u in normal mode) or redo, sometimes the message, like 1 change; before #520 09:20:15 stays, but more often it flickers for a split second and ...
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How to see a whole message in status bar in vim?

I am using YCM plugin for Vim. And sometimes error messages are too long and I do not see them whole (see Fig.). So how to expand (temporarly) the status bar in Vim or there is another way to see ...
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