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Questions tagged [merge]

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vim mapping diffput / diffget to Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right with working buffer selection from count

Pretty new to mappings in Vim, In Diff Mode I've got C-Up and C-Down mapped to [c and ]c for diffjumping. I'm wanting to map C-Right and C-Left to :<C-U>diffput v:count<CR> and :<C-U>...
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After opening all args with :ba, go back to a single split

Generally when opening more than two or three files in vim, I use a single split, navigating between the files/buffers with :n/:N. Sometimes, however, I want to open all of them in visible splits at ...
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Is it possible to use Vim's power (Vim buffers...) while doing 3 way merge in Meld?

Is it possible to use Vim's power (Vim buffers...) while doing 3 way merge in Meld ? I can see in Meld you can change the default editor: edit -> Preferences -> Editor -> default editor I ...
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4 answers

Is there a way to "take both" when using Vim as merge tool?

I'm using Vim as a 3-way merge too with Git and sometimes need to take changes from both local and remote branches. kdiff3 can do this with a couple of key presses, is there a way to do this in Vim?
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Merge in external changes made while editing

If there are external changes made to a file being edited in Vim I understand that I can reload the content of the file by :edit. But, assume that (internally) I've made changes to the file that I ...
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Undo diffget in vimdiff

Say I have a merge conflict in Git, and try to resolve it with vimdiff using diff3 view. Here is a screenshot: Now while resolving, I want to diffget once from LO see how it looks like, undo, and ...
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5 answers

Merge blocks by interleaving lines

Is there a dedicated way to merge two blocks of text by interleaving lines, like passing from this: a1 a2 a3 a4 b1 b2 b3 b4 to that: a1 b1 a2 b2 a3 b3 a4 b4 in a few commands? ...
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Git mergetool vimdiff command

I'm attempting to get something setup that invokes the vimdiff git merge tool externally, but because of the way the setup works, I need to invoke vimdiff manually (without git mergetool). Does anyone ...
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vimdiff and merge conflicts

When merging branches under source control there is often the issue of a merge conflict with other developers. I know that we can use vimdiff to diff code changes against source control, but is there ...
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